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“Well if you’re too busy, could you recommend someone else? Someone good?”

ReplaceMyWindows.ca is comprised of two Edmonton-area contractors who have spent the last thirty years answering the above question with each others’ names. Over that time they have come to respect and admire the quality and consistency of each others’ work and have referred countless customers to one another.

While still independent of and in competition with each other they all recognize that no one of them can do every job in Edmonton. This website gives them the opportunity to officially endorse one another, letting you know that in selecting any of one them you are choosing someone who has earned the respect and recommendation of at least one other expert in the field.

Christenson Exteriors has made their mark in windows and exterior finishes. HERR is the master of doors and windows. Both of them, however, posses extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of home renovation and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

The best way to describe replaceMYwindows is “co-opetition” .

In the software world you have open source companies working with their competitors, cooperating to make the software and services they provide better. In the home renovation world you have a desperate group of, er, lets call them, fiercely individual, people providing home owners with great renovations.  All in some fashion building their own brand. replaceMYwindos.ca addresses this by competitors cooperating to build one brand.  We are building a best of breed supplier and renovator list for you the consumer to research and give feed back on for others considering similar renovations. As this new take on a proven concept evolves come back often.

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