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ReplaceMyWindows.ca is comprised of an Edmonton-area contractor and an Edmonton based designer who work together with their customers to provide eye-catching design with a superior quality build and installation.

We have an Edmonton showroom that is “By-Appointment” only.  If you would like to come and view our Basement egress windows, or exterior products, please give us a call and we would be happy to meet you and give you a tour.

HERR design – Natalie Stauffer

Opened in 2012 HERR design is the design division of HERR ventures.  Natalie  assists HERR window & door by providing Exterior Design services.  By providing design to an often neglected area of the home Natalie is able to bring added value to the home owner and contractor through curated exterior finishes.

HERR window & door – Randy Stauffer

Randy is a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter who has spent 35 years in the Renovation industry specializing in windows and doors.  Randy is passionate about the proper installation of windows and door. Through HERR he is passing on his experience and out of the box thinking to a new generation of Apprentice Carpenters.

Every install is done by Journeyman Carpenters or those becoming Journeyman Carpenters. HERR’s crafts-people not only know the HOW but the WHY as well.

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