HERR design Custom Doors

If you can dream it, we can probably do it!

Knight - big west end finishedLynda door2015-03-20 20.46.21

Let us design your own unique fiberglass entry door. Mix the new with the old and even the odd.  HERR design offers CAD renderings of what the new custom door would look like on your home.  If you have ideas, but don’t know where to start we can help you get the design of your dreams.  If you don’t want to settle for ordinary, let us give you something extraordinary!

2016-12-14 14.01.23

By using fiberglass instead of wood we can give you the door of your dreams with the longevity you would expect.  With younger trees being used for exterior doors, they can’t stand up to the weather variations we have in Alberta.



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