Redoing the front of your home is never easy.  You could plan the design and execute it yourself.  If you are diligent and do your research, take detours from the big box stores, shop local and you’ll come out ahead.  However, I would say it does not hurt to consult a designer, get a feel for how finishes work and how they will perform together.  A good designer or decorator won’t over take a project, they will work with you to come to a design that everyone is happy with.


When we purchased our new home in 2014, I knew the front elevation needed a major over haul.  Before we could do anything to the actual structure, we needed to gut the bathroom, kitchen and basement.  And as far as the exterior went, I needed to weed, weed, and then weed some more.

Lymburn House Before

Lymburn House Before


First we had to replace the upper bedroom window.  The old PVC had deteriorated so significantly the frame was actually coming apart from the frame.  We had HERR window and door come and take out the old PVC window and replace it with a vinyl slider.

Lymburn side door

Lymburn New Side Door

In 2015 we had the side door replaced by HERR window and door, what a transformation, not only aesthetically but in regards to heat loss as well.  The existing door was a steal door with a wood frame.  Due to the exposure to the elements and lack of upkeep, the frame had sagged so badly it was no longer square.  When we would get strong western winds, snow would blow into the front entrance.  The HERR team came, took out the old door and frame, they replaced it with a beautiful Therma-Tru, Smooth Star slab from the Pulse collection with Chinchilla glass, and Auto Painted a gorgeous deep red.  There is still so much to do on this side of the house, but this has made an enormous difference!


It pays to work with experts, people who know the how and the why, and have the vision.  I have had so many clients run into issues with would be contractors and lazy trades.  It pays to go with someone who knows the how and the why.  There is a big difference between materials purchased at one of the big box stores in comparison to the products sold at specialty stores or wholesales.  For example, a faucet with the same brand name and similar look from Home Depot will have different internal pieces that make it less expensive.

Believe me, I know it is sometimes so difficult to see your vision when there are so many decisions to make.  Don’t be afraid to get out of the box, ask questions and consult people regarding specialized products and installations.

Its okay to go in stages when finances permit.  When contractors give me an all or nothing estimate or they seem reluctant to changes or cost saving, red flags raise.  You don’t need to over extend yourself.  If you can update 3 things per year, in 3 years you could have a finished project.  It might not be as exciting as a “move that bus” “7 day make-over”, but it is much more practical. There are areas to save, and areas to spend, a good designer or contractor will help you to differentiate these areas and help you put a solid plan in motion.